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Alexandra holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a Clinical Fellow at The Lovett Center. She works with adults, adolescents, and families, co-facilitates professionals’ intensive outpatient process group and is a member of the Intensive Outpatient clinical team.

Alexandra has first-hand knowledge of the pressures and stresses many of her clients face in their lives: she earned her MBA from Rice University and spent over 15 years in fast-paced management positions in the oil and gas industry in the U.S. and overseas. She brings her life experience to therapy and understands the challenge of taking care of one’s psychological health while leading a stressful lifestyle with multiple responsibilities.

Alexandra’s philosophy is that a strong working relationship with a client, a therapeutic alliance, always comes first. After she gets to know the client, she develops an individualized approach based on the client’s goals and needs. Alexandra uses a variety of methods, including psychodynamic therapy, which allows the client and the therapist to jointly explore the roots and patterns of his problems, cognitive-behavioral therapy, helping the therapist and the client better understand client’s thoughts and behavior, as well as experiential methods, leading the client to use his emotional capacity to learn more about himself. She is also educated in dialectical-behavioral therapy, family systems, transference-focused therapy, and mentalization-based treatment. She sees her role as helping her clients discover their true selves, regain their strength, and form authentic connections with their loved ones, resulting in a fulfilling and productive life. Her clinical interests include anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, trauma, addiction, personality disorders (particularly borderline personality disorder), and relational difficulties.

While Alexandra places an emphasis on research and empirically proven therapeutic approaches, she believes that therapy cannot succeed without genuine compassion, support, and acceptance. Her current clients see her as non-judgmental, supportive, and caring, while also being purposeful and persistent.