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Julie is a long-time veteran in the war on drugs. It is her mission to change the way we view addiction and how we treat the individuals who are affected.

For over 25 years, Julie has been helping alcoholics, addicts and families suffering from addiction to find recovery and return to happy, meaningful lives. While her current focus is in therapy, she first became a substance abuse counselor working with adolescents, women with children, people living with HIV, homeless addicts and alcoholics, and people struggling with the co-occurrence of addiction and mental illness in outpatient, as well as inpatient or residential settings.

Julie does not believe that an individual is required to want help, or that a person has to hit “rock bottom” to change, because more often than not, “rock bottom” is too late.

She believes that addiction is a family disease, and it requires a skilled professional to prepare the individual as well as the family for the long road of recovery. Julie is well versed in helping individuals and their families prepare for that change. She believes that addiction is a chronic treatable disease, which requires skilled intervention by a trained professional.

Julie believes that each person and family system is unique with their own set of challenges and strengths, which can both complicate and enhance the individual’s path to recovery.

She knows that recovery is possible for anyone who is suffering and will not give up until a successful path is found for her clients.

Julie graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s degree in Social Work. She has advanced training in Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has worked extensively with people with addiction who are dealing with childhood trauma and/or mental illness. In her free time Julie enjoys spoiling her 2 dogs and 2 accidental cats, painting, tinkering and belly laughing with the people in her life who get her.