When our children struggle socially , emotionally, or academically, their behaviors signify a need for a safe and caring relationship in which to flourish. Research has shown that a relationship with a consistent, caring adult develops a place where optimal learning can occur for children.

As a children’s therapist, Kallie takes pride in providing your child with a safe relationship where he/he can express, explore, and learn all about himself and others. Together, Kallie gives space for your child to find himself and flourish in this world. Kallie uses a child-directed play therapy approach that shows children that they are ultimately in control, of themselves and their experiences. Children leave feeling heard, understood, hopeful, gritty, and full of the curiosity needed in life. Kallie has a proactive style of counseling. While working with your child, Kallie will work to help your child process and resolve the emotional, social, or academic issues, all while building upon your child’s unique strengths. Kallie not only helps your child set goals to relieve the problem, but builds on his character, social, and emotional skills, helping your child feeling confident and successful. Play therapy with Kallie will allow your child to change the way he thinks about the world around him. Problems are confronted and new skills are practiced each session.