Dr. Michael Klaybor brings nearly thirty years of experience to his private practice, coaching and consulting. He specializes in anxiety and stress management techniques and tools to enhance performance on tests, in athletic events and for musicians. Dr. Klaybor has conducts videoconference coaching or TeleCoaching in 17 countries, has developed software for tracking outcomes in mental health, and teaches how to use social media to mental health professionals and organizations.

Dr. Klaybor specializes in Cognitive Behavioral TherapyExecutive CoachingIndividual & Relationship PsychotherapyAnxiety Management (Test Taking, Public Speaking)Chronic Pain ManagementEmployee Assistance Counseling and AssessmentSports Psychology for Peak PerformanceMental Rehearsal for Performance for Athletes & MusiciansHypnosis/Biofeedback, and Chemical Dependency Assessment & Counseling.

Dr. Klaybor earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in counseling and psychology from Indiana University. He is a licensed professional counselor, marriage & family therapist, chemical dependency counselor, and national certified counsel. He is certified in hypnosis and employee assistance counseling. Dr. Klaybor has conducted numerous workshops and seminars at local, state, regional and national professional associations and has been a featured speaker on radio and television.

In the past three years he has won the 2005 “Drug Free Workplace Efforts” recognition award from The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, 2006 “Chapter of the Year” from the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association and in 2007, “Vision Award” from Sierra Tucson Treatment Center is a Commissioner for the Employee Assistance Certification Commission (EACC) and was recently awarded the President’s Award for The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) for 2012.