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Veronica received her bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Services with minors in Pre-counseling and Child & Family Studies from John Brown University. She spent her last year at JBU invested in a capstone project in which she studied post-traumatic growth and wholeheartedness.

This project ignited her desire to study and embody wholehearted living. In 2016, she moved to Houston to attend the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work with the intention of getting closer to the work of Dr. Brené Brown. Soon after, Veronica joined The Daring Way as an intern where she trained in Dr. Brown’s research and acquired the title of Certified Daring Way Facilitator.

In the pursuit for embodying wholehearted living, Veronica is now undergoing training to be a certified sex coach at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She sees quality orgasms as a path to deeper self-trust, stronger connection to the body, and ultimately, profound healing. In practice, Veronica guides clients to increasing body sensation awareness where they discover the “brakes” that have kept them from achieving the life they desire.

Veronica’s focus is to partner with clients as they build resilience and rediscover their desire- both sexually and otherwise. She believes resilience roots best in a foundation of pleasure and especially enjoys working with feminine empowerment. She often uses embodiment practices, breath work and meditation to accompany the traditional therapy approaches of Gestalt and CBT.