In 2014, founders Will Davis and Robert Hilliker had the idea to provide centrally-located office spaces and administrative support tailored specifically to therapists’ needs. Soon after, they opened The Lovett Center, and it immediately became clear that having 20+ therapists under one roof with different specialties naturally led to collaboration. The duo switched gears from serving as simply a space where different therapists served patients to coming together as a group of therapists to serve individual patients, both through traditional therapy and Pathos, The Lovett Center’s proprietary Intensive Outpatient Program.

Today, The Lovett Center has served over 7,000 individuals and prides itself in encouraging connection, support, and continued education amongst therapists and community members.


Therapy Practice

With over 25 clinicians under one roof, The Lovett Center is equipped to help clients with general wellness, mood and emotional challenges, relationship management, intrapersonal exploration, substance use and abuse and dual diagnosis. Learn more about our services.


Intensive Outpatient Program Provider

The Pathos program is our proprietary Intensive Outpatient Program service. We apply a team approach to therapy that utilizes highly skilled clinicians with a wide variety of expertise who provide intensive care while allowing each client to continue with their normal work and academic activities. Get more information about Pathos.

Training Institute

Each year, The Lovett Center employs approximately 10 Master’s-level interns who offer sliding scale services, working under the clinical supervision of The Lovett Center executive director Laura Bowen. The benefits of our internship program are two-fold: interns continue to deepen their experience while clients take advantage of sliding scale services. More often than not, the program serves as an ‘incubator’ for the next generation of Lovett clinicians. For more information about our prestigious internship program, email Laura Bowen.

Orchestrated by Lovett therapists, we also host monthly courses for Houston mental health professionals. See our list of upcoming events.

Community Partner

In addition to serving the community through educational opportunities, The Lovett Center hosts dozens of community support groups that are free and open to the public. Take a look at our group schedule.

Last but not least, our team serves as a resource for school counselors, human resource professionals and other mental health treatment providers. We may provide counsel, send guest speakers to events, share resources or create strategic partnerships for the benefit of all parties involved. To inquire about partnering with us, email director of operations Cyrus Martin.

Clinical Approach

Psychodynamically-informed Integrative Care

We treat the whole person in the context of their environment, looking at the biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

The healing journey at The Lovett Center begins with an in-depth digital diagnostic evaluation which is designed to be completed online, in the comfort of the patient’s home. Through the information provided in the assessment, our team works to begin to understand the challenges people may be facing, as well as the strengths and opportunities that each person brings to their journey.

Individualized Treatment Using Different Therapy Modalities

Just as individuals experience vastly unique life journeys, we plan customized treatment for each person, their condition and their background. We work with each client to set collaborative treatment goals for sustained, holistic healing.

Part of our commitment to integrative care means using different therapy modalities to affect and improve patients’ lives. Ethos Wellness clinicians specialize in delivering all types of evidence-based treatment approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Psychoanalytic care
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Trauma-informed Yoga

Treatment Philosophy

Our treatment philosophy was constructed, in part, around the ideas of the sharing economy and the common factors theory. The Lovett Center functions as a co-working space for clinicians, which creates opportunities for clinicians to share ideas, experience, and skills with one another. We feel that this sharing economy format vastly improves the quality of care that clients receive.

The common factors theory demonstrates that, within therapy, there are really just four essential elements that every successful therapy process shares. No matter our individual clinicians’ training and specialization, we believe that the combination of these four critical elements is most impactful—all four of these critical elements are woven throughout the therapy process:

The Relationship

The Lovett Center therapists build strong, meaningful and authentic relationships with clients, an element that accounts for 30% of therapeutic change made in treatment.


Our clinicians’ unique approach—what the therapist says and does in the treatment based on their expertise—accounts for 15% of therapeutic change.


Each therapist works with clients to restore hope through the exploration of the client’s history, challenges and the pathways to move towards healing. The instillation of hope can account for up to 15% of progress in treatment.

Supplemental Support

Extra-therapeutic factors, or the support clients have outside of the therapy to enhance their lives, such as developing a support network and specific lifeskills, can account for up to 40% of change.



Robert Hilliker, LCSW-S, LCDC received his Master’s degree from the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work. Following graduation Robert pursued additional training working as a Post-Graduate Social Work Fellow at The Menninger Clinic. He then completed a two-year fellowship at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies. Currently, Robert is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL.

He worked for three years at The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston where he served as the Manager of Executive and Treatment Services. As a therapist in the adult intensive outpatient program he provided clinical treatment services to individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Robert worked at The Daring Way LLC with Dr. Brené Brown where he served as the Chief Clinical Officer for over three years. He has facilitated this methodology across diverse settings including Baylor Psychiatry Clinic, The Menninger Clinic, and The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston.

In April 2014, Robert co-founded and became the Managing Partner for The Lovett Center LLC with his business partner, Will Davis.

At The Lovett Center, Robert works with patients in private practice and serves as the Clinical Director for Pathos. Pathos offers intensive outpatient, supportive outpatient, and aftercare programming for people struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Robert’s private practice focuses on work with professionals, addictive disorders, shame resiliency, and behavioral health issues. He provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy.

Robert lives in Houston with his wife, Maria, and their daughters, Anna, Carmela, and Mary.


Will Davis began working in the commercial real estate business in Houston providing third party brokerage and management services in 2000. In 2001 he began forming investment partnerships for the purpose of owning and operating income producing commercial real estate. Will assumed the role of General Partner in 2014 and continues to manage the daily operations, acquisitions and dispositions of these investment partnerships.

In 2006 Will opened a retail clothing store in Houston, TX which ultimately led to the formation of F.E.E.D. TX. F.E.E.D. TX is the founding and operating group of the locally owned Liberty Kitchen restaurants.

At The Lovett Center, Will has used his expertise in real estate management and design to create a building that truly feels conducive to the center’s healing mission. Will’s day to day role at The Lovett Center focuses on operational excellence to ensure that client’s seeking help at The Lovett Center are well cared for, and pleased with their experience.

The Lovett Center is part of Ethos Behavioral Health Group, a family of companies that promotes a culture of integrative healing focused on sustained recovery. Our fully-integrated continuum of care offers specialized and personalized mental health care for everything ranging from substance use disorders to mood and personality disorders, with levels of care ranging from residential inpatient to intensive outpatient treatment.



We have a people-first, principle-driven approach that puts patients and team-members above all else, always.


We work collaboratively with patients to create meaningful connections that positively impact their lives.


Every element of Ethos, from the design of our spaces to our clinical programming, is created with a specific intention.

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