Our Philosophy for Clients Seeking Services

The Lovett Center’s treatment philosophy was constructed, in part, around the ideas of common factors theory and the sharing economy.

Common Factors:

The common factors theory demonstrates that, within therapy, there are really just four essential elements that every successful therapy process shares. No matter our individual clinicians’ training and specialization, we believe that the combination of these four critical elements is most impactful –all four of these critical elements are woven throughout the therapy process:


  • The Lovett Center therapists build strong, meaningful and authentic relationships with you, an element that accounts for 30% of therapeutic change made in treatment.


  • Our clinicians’ unique approach – what the therapist says and does in the treatment based on his expertise – accounts for 15% of therapeutic change.


  • Your therapist will work with you to restore hope. Together you will explore your history, the challenges you currently face, and the pathways to move you forward towards healing. The instillation of hope can account for up to 15% of progress in treatment.


  • Extra-therapeutic factors, or the support you have outside of the therapy to enhance your life, such as developing a support network and specific lifeskills, can account for up to 40% of change you experience.

Sharing Economy:

The Lovett Center functions as a co-working space for clinicians that creates opportunities for clinicians to share ideas, experience, and skills with one another. We feel that this sharing economy format vastly improves the quality of care that clients receive.


The Lovett Center recognizes how overwhelming the initial process of starting therapy can be. Therefore, we provide two options to help ease the process. The first option is to read about the clinicians practicing at The Lovett Center and then call our mainline to schedule. The second option is to call our mainline and we will help connect you with a clinician specific to your needs.

Fees for clinical services vary based on the clinicians’ level of training and experience. At The Lovett Center, many of the clinicians offer sliding scale appointments. While the majority of the clinicians are not currently participating in managed care insurance plans, we encourage you to contact your insurance providers to receive information about your mental health benefits. Questions to ask about your insurance benefits are provided below:

What is my deductible and has it been met? How many mental health sessions per calendar year does my insurance plan cover? How much does my plan cover for an out-of-network mental health provider? How do I obtain reimbursement for therapy with an out-of-network provider? What is the coverage amount per therapy session? Is approval required from my primary care physician? You will be responsible for seeking reimbursement and filing claims. However, The Lovett Center will be happy to provide you with a receipt with all of the required information for submission.

The Lovett Center building is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am-9:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am- 2:00 pm.

The Lovett Center is conveniently located in the Montrose/Museum District area just minutes from Downtown, the Medical Center, Greenway Plaza, and the Galleria. Due to the building location, there is easy access from I-10, Highway 59, and I-45.

900 Lovett Boulevard Houston, Texas 77006

We request that you arrive between 15-20 minutes before your appointment time to allow for completion of paperwork.

Call now for confidential help: (713) 470-9878